Introduction Edit

While having no strategy at times can prove adequate, the few who use the strategies listed below survive longer, gain more upgrades, and get more kills. These strategies are not guaranteed though, as some may fail using these.

Large Server Edit

Bounty Hunting Edit

Can be used on all servers, but is the hardest to use on this type of server. Bounty Hunting can be done quite easily if done correctly. note that in order to use this strategy, always chase the target at a low level to be as fast and efficient as possible. First, search the leader board for the names of the top 3 players on the server. Next, search through the map for the said names. Lastly, kill the player.

Pros Edit

  • Can be done on all server types.
  • Fast way to gain points.
  • Can be repeated.

Cons Edit

  • If the target is skilled, you could spend a while attempting to kill said player.
  • Dangerous in a populated area.

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